Apr 01 2012

Split Screen Magic

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This is an experiment. I was bored one evening and wanted to try something new. So I thought it would be fun to play pool against myself.

While planning the shots, I needed a story. The first thing that came to mind was Tombstone the movie, one of my favorites. The scene where Doc Holliday and Johnny Ringo meet at the large Oak would be the perfect story. The camera was set up and locked down for the wide shot and that would be the split screen stuff. I shot the beginning and the end with the camera in that position and then did the close ups. I didn’t have my grips with me so I had to do it all solo. The process took some time but I think the result was good. This is just an experiment so I wasn’t aiming for the best in quality or acting (obviously). just something I wanted to try. now I know what to do and not do. On to the next.

Shot with a Panasonic AG-HMC150, two Smith Victor 600w lights and 216 diffusion gels. Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro cs5.5 and After Effects.




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Jul 26 2011

5 minutes with Bailey

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Bailey was born to be in front of the camera, at least thats what she tells herself in the mirror.
This is one part in an ongoing series of videos she will do called
“5 minutes with Bailey” Upcoming segments include vacation in SoCal, summer and baseball.

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Jun 18 2011

Award winning short film – LOSER

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Loser Poster

WorldFest Houston Award Winner

Loser is a short film that my partner and I did last october. The story was written by my dad, adapted to screen play by me and finished off by Mac. We spent 3 days shooting with a cast and crew of ten and three months editing. Once we were happy we sent it off to some film festivals. Last month we found out we won a Silver Remi Award for original drama at WorldFest Houston. Some say they are the largest and oldest film fest around. At the same fest, a documentary I did for the town of Dayton, Nv. won the same award in the travel category. Not bad for my first time out.


Check out the trailer to the award winning short, “LOSER”

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Jun 08 2011

Summer Vacation

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Summer officially starts today for two of our five kids. Now that means that we have to keep them busy for the next month and a half. fortunately for them we have lots of yard work left to be done. Also, my oldest son got his cell phone taken away till the end of the first nine weeks of Eighth grade. If his grades are good enough. This should be a very interesting summer. The two kids still in elementary school get the shortest summer of all. 4 weeks. they so to the only two schools in the district that are year round green track. Lame. It’s going to be hard to squeeze a family vacation in this summer but I’m sure we will find a way.

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Jun 02 2011

Welcome to Studio 3G Productions

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I am Bryan Stutler and this is my blog. Studio 3G Productions is my company that does small film projects with Lonedog Productions. Since joining forces in 2009, together we have made 3 short films and won a Silver Remi Award at WorldFest Houston in 2011.

On this site you will find some of my personal projects and my blog that follows me in my newest venture.
Liberty Entertainment Corporation.

Me at American Flats setting up a shot for Loser

At American Flats in Virginia City shooting the award winning short LOSER

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